Thursday, May 17, 2012

Golf - World Record

I just want to draw attention to this article about Australian golfer, Rhein Gibson. (and read more here) He just shot a 55, the lowest ever score for a round of competitive golf!!  As I understand the article, he was playing with friends, not in an official tournament, but still official enough to qualify as a world record.  Gibson currently plays on a minor tour trying to make it to the PGA Tour. It's still an incredible accomplishment.  After 9 holes he was 10 under par!

Interestingly, the article also mentions that he attended Oklahoma Christian University.  I find that exciting as it's one of the colleges associated with my "tribe".  Not that this says anything about his faith as colleges recruit athletes from all sorts of backgrounds. I'm guessing he'll make it to their homepage soon.  As of right now, the guy barely has a bio on the official site of the tour he plays on!  I think that's about to change. :-)


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