Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is Justice?

It seems to me that we're being bombarded with issues of justice in the sports media today.  A lot of things happened yesterday:
  • Roger Clemens was found NOT GUILTY by a jury in a case over whether or not he'd lied to a congressional hearing when he said he'd never taken steroids.  It will be interesting to see if the baseball world believes him and votes him into the Hall of Fame.  There's the legal court system, and then there's the court of public opinion: not the same thing.
  • The NFL heard the appeal of the players suspended in the "bounty-gate" scandal. The commish says they're GUILTY of offering financial rewards for injuring opponents during games.  The players are very passionate in insisting upon their innocence.  I'll just say it's a crazy system when the same person heard the initial charges and then the appeal.  Due process seems to require that an appeal be heard by a third party.
  • The trial of Jerry Sundusky for sexually abusing boys in his care continues.  With this many witnesses willing to say he abused them I don't know how he can possibly be acquitted.
  • It seems like we might finally be getting closer to playoff system for college football.  Even with a system of semi-finals and a final there's still a lot of debate over how to select the four teams that participate.  The discussion raises issues of conference politics versus fairness and equality.
  • Have I missed anything?  Here's a little slideshow reminder of past cheats!
We might all have different opinions on what the evidence in each case demonstrates, or what the verdict should be.  Although there's always some people who think the whole thing should be swept under rug and irrelevant to the sport.  I think most people expect fairness and ultimately, justice.

In Amos 5:23 God says, "I want to see a mighty flood of justice, an endless river of righteous living."  When we demand justice for the players and the sports we follow, we're not being unreasonable.  We're reflecting the heart of God.

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