Monday, July 16, 2012

Sports Science

I believe that God intricately designed the human body and I'm convinced that it's awe inspiring. However, I never made any connection between relying on a healthy body for sports and wanting to learn about how it works.

In order to make my Australian university degree meet the requirements of my US seminary I had to take several general education classes in the US: including biology.

I hate biology.  I had little interest in learning about all the little parts of cells all doing their thing.  After all, they do it whether I know about it or not.  Studying nutrition makes a little more sense, but even then, it's not a lot of fun!!

On the other hand, I find the Sports Science Guy on ESPN very interesting. There's also a tonne of videos on YouTube of segments he's done.  Here's one of my favourites.  No apologies to all you baseball fans out there. :-)

Along similar lines a friend shared this entertaining article with me.  It answers the question I know you've always wondered, "What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?"  Get the answer HERE!

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  1. Peter, I love the site and love the concept--and having met you in personal, love the accent.

    Of course, if you had a Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, or Dallas Cowboys background, you would really sell me on it.