Friday, November 11, 2016

Major League Missionary

Unless you've been living in a cave, you might have heard that the Chicago Cubs won the MLB World Series this year. This was their first championship in 108 years!

Whenever something historically significant like this occurs numerous stories will be told to demonstrate how improbable the victory was. We'll hear tales of struggles overcome. And players will establish themselves as heroes in the furnace of the moment as the world watches.

This year, the Cubs' player who shined brightest in the World Series spotlight was veteran outfielder, Ben Zobrist. In his first year as a Cub, after winning a World Series ring with Kansas City last year, Zobrist hit for a .357 average and .919 OPS in seven World Series games. This was enough to win him the series MVP.

Even more importantly, Zobrist made the hit that scored the go ahead run for the Cubs in the top of the 10th inning.

As numerous articles were written about Zobrist he has clearly communicated the central role Jesus plays in his life. This article provides a good summary.

One quote that caught my attention was from an interview with his parents during last year's World Series run with the Royals.

The night before Ben left home to join the Astros’ affiliate in Troy, N.Y., he told his father, “I’m going to be a missionary in the big leagues.”
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Whatever the details of that thought may have meant to Zobrist, at a minimum it means he's going to represent God. It means he's going to speak well of God when he gets the opportunity. It means he's going to conduct himself in a way that doesn't give people reasons to turn their back on God.

I wonder how our communities would change if everyone sitting in church each Sunday had a similar mindset.
  • I'm going to be a missionary in my workplace, or industry.
  • I'm going to represent God to my classmates.
  • I'm going to speak up and speak well of God when opportunities arise.
  • I'm going to ensure I don't give others reason to reject Jesus.
If we each left home every morning thinking of ourselves as a missionary for God, I wonder how the world would be different.

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